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Tuesday, March 19, 2013♥
Move to ....., ♥

Dear readers....
Thank you for your support..
I have move to the below address...
Please continue to support me...


1:40 PM,♥
Sunday, March 17, 2013♥
2D1N Soju bang, ♥

Went to 2D1N for dinner with my Family on Sunday...
I was so surprise when I walk in...
Everything changed!! Now they serve BBQ..
Ordered quite a number of dish...
Staff very friendly and nice. 

My rating for today visit.
Service : 4/5 Star
Cleanness : 4/5 Star
Food : 2/5 Star

Sorry to give such a low rating for the food.
As is really.......
My whole family cannot even finish half bowl of their rice. 

*Maybe you all can try our their BBQ..
Some review of the BBQ was good..
And is cheap!!!


9:39 AM,♥
Saturday, March 16, 2013♥
Exclusive Starbucks Mini Card just for you!‏, ♥

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And after days of accumulating...
Finally Im able to redeem the MINI CARD!! T_T

After you redeem the mini card, Just log in to your starbucks account.
Add card.. Den you will have 2 card available to be use..
Can you choose to transfer all the amount from old card to new card or remain the balance.
Please take note that once full transfer was done, Your old starbucks card will be void.

** You are also able to redeem as many mini card as you can as long as you accumulate 18 cups.
** 18 Handcafted beverages (Not included of tea & bottle drinks!)


3:00 PM,♥
Thursday, March 14, 2013♥
Sign to donate to strays! , ♥

Street dogs in Singapore may get to enjoy their FIRST FULL MEAL soon. 

In support of Hope Dog Rescue and Save Our Street Dogs associations, Silversky has agreed to donate 400kg of food to our street dogs 

IF we gather 1,000 signatures. We are currently at 600 signatures now and are rallying for 400 more signatures!

Helping is easy. It only takes two clicks – first click to go to the website @ http://www.petsmagazine.com.sg/signtodonate and a second click to submit a brief form. 

Hurry sign up; don’t let our street dogs starve too long!

We’re counting on you!

Those strays is waiting for your helping hand.. 
Please spend 5mins n sign.
Thank you


2:14 PM,♥
Wednesday, March 13, 2013♥
Donate Coffin In bangkok , ♥

There is a few of my friend asking me how to go and donate coffin in bangkok.
Here is my literary...

Take their MRT (remember is MRT not BTS) to Sam Yam.
(One stop before Hua Lamphong, Chinatown)
Alight from the station, Look at the sign that show you to this temple name :

Wat Hua Lamphong
Follow the sign that lead you to the temple..

When you come up from the station. 
You will see this temple below...
This temple is Wat Hua Lamphong.

But dont get it wrong.. 
This is not the temple you are going to donate the coffin.
Instead of walking into this temple, Walk straight down towards the street market.

Just next to this temple you will saw a Chinese Temple which look like this

When you see this temple..
Means you are at the right place..
Walk in to the temple..
You will see some laddies sitting there..

Dont be shy walk to them and say you want to donate coffin.
Then they will ask you to fill in the form
Write your name regardless of it is in English, Chinese, Malay or whatever. 
Just write your name.
Each donation is THB 500

Then walk to the coffin 
(Dont be scare, That is an empty coffin)

Take the pink paper paste it on the coffin
(There is glue some where there find it to glue on the coffin)

After paste your name then you are done!

** Please take note.
As there is 2 way to do..

1. For non buddish after you are done you can leave the place.
2. For buddism, When you are done follow the steps below.

Take this receipt

And walk to the temple beside

Take a joss stick, light up and pray..
Then burn the receipt away. 
There is a Joss bin for you to burn the receipt.

* A lot people might thing why is different from other blog.
But this is the actual way of doing. This was taught by one of the staff at the temple.

There is 2 Coffin Donation Temple in Bangkok.
The one that Im guiding is the one i went before. 
Another one I not too such. 
But you may visit for details. 

Photo Credit to : My Blog + hushhhlistentothericegrow + Jpgmag

Alot people has been asking me donate coffin for what?
Well, Some believe good deed for next life..
Some believe good deed
Some say to wash their sin..
There is all ways you can think....
But personally i think is giving those poor a better place to rest after they had leave.

To do a good deed, you dont need to bother about your religion,
No matter what religion you are, You are still able to donate.
When you donate you donate from the soul of your heart and not your mind.

Good luck everyone! Choke Dee~!! 

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12:30 AM,♥